Is an Own Recognizance (O.R.) Bond Better Than a Bail Bondsman?

What would be your very first priority if one of your loved ones is arrested and put into prison under any charge of criminal offense? Of course, it would be to get your loved one out of the jail before you consider other things, like getting a lawyer, fighting the case, and getting him/her acquitted and out of jail. An instant release is best possible only with a 24/7 available bail bondsman service. While other options like O.R. bond is also available but they can be lengthy, tedious, and uncertain about the results. Continue readings

Electronic Devices Used to Track Suspects Out on Bail

Tracking Device

Electronic tracking devices are fitted to a person on bail for tracking their movement when they are allowed by the court to remain outside of the jail. This is called electronically tagging the person for the purpose of surveillance.

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What Are Your Rights as a Prison Inmate In California?

Prison Inmate Rights

The governing principles of the United States guarantee certain fundamental rights to everyone which can never be taken away from them, even when you are in jail. If you’re sentenced a term in a jail, or detained and awaiting trial, there are some federal and state laws that guarantees the most basic human treatment to you under any situation. These rights extend to even those inmates who aren’t a citizen of the United States. Continue readings

4 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Bail Bonds, And Not Cash

Reasons Why You Should Opt for Bail Bonds, And Not Cash

You can count on the various benefits of getting a money bail but getting that is possible only when you have a very deep pocket. And if you are thinking about borrowing cash from your relatives, even then, it doesn’t absolve you from owing a debt. That’s why, we recommend people to get the bail bond instead of a money bail. Continue readings

How the Prison Cellphone Ban Can Affect You

Prison Cellphone Ban Can Affect You

In the California prisons, cellphones are not allowed. The ban was enacted in 2011 when 11,000 illicit cellphones were confiscated from jails across California. Jail inmates were using their cellphones to devise ways to commit crimes. The issue wasn’t only the case of criminal activities inside the prison, but also the spreading of illegal businesses outside the jail compound into society. Continue readings

Can You Co-sign a Bail Bond If You’re Not in the Same State?

Bail Bonds

Suppose you get a call from your sister who is attending college in California. You get the shocking news that she has been arrested and is now sitting somewhere in the jail. No wonder, she is frustrated and needs to get out of the jail as soon as possible. She is relying on your help since your parents have refused to help her. She wants you to co-sign the bail bond with her but you live in Chicago. Now the next big questions is – are you be able to co-sign the bail bond since you live in a different state? The answer is yes. Continue readings