What Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

It’s a matter of serious concern if someone whom you bailed out skips the court date. It is very likely that a new warrant will be issued for his arrest and there will be slim chances for him getting a bail again. Apart from this, the person who paid for the bond will have to pay the entire amount as penalty. If you are the person who is signing the bail bond contract for your relative or friend, you should carefully examine each and every aspect of it. The contract you sign is a legally binding document and if you sign it, you become an indemnitor. It simply means

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What to Do If Your Family Member is Arrested on Thanksgiving

What to Do If Your Family Member is Arrested

Thanksgiving is a time that most people look forward to spending with their families, friends and loved ones. When things go wrong, however, some people may end up getting arrested during this otherwise peaceful holiday. When you’ve got a family member that was arrested on Thanksgiving, it can shatter your day and the holiday season. However, acting quickly can help your family get back to normal and help the person who was arrested. Use this guide to learn more about what to do if you have a family member that is arrested on Thanksgiving: Keep a Cool Head When a family member gets arrested on Thanksgiving, it can be

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5 Tips to Avoid Legal Issues This Halloween

5 Tips to Avoid Legal Issues This Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that many people look forward to for months before it happens. From the candy to the costumes and parties, there’s something for every kid and adult to look forward to. For adults though, Halloween can sometimes cause interesting legal difficulties if the party gets out of hand. Use these five tips to make sure you avoid any legal issues that could impact you this Halloween season: Limit Alcohol Alcohol is a big part of Halloween for many people. Without having a drink or two, the spirit of the season just seems to be lost on some people. It’s when that drink becomes six that you’ve

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Must Know Facts About Immigration Bond

Orange County Bail Bonds

Immigration bond is generally used to get your friends, relatives or family bailed out from the custody of U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement until their court appearance. This may play a vital role in one’s case. It’s important to understand the laws and process involved in immigration bonds. Let’s take a look at some facts to get an overview of the essential elements of the immigration bond.

Information You Need to Provide for Your Bail Application

Bail Application

You may never think about applying for bail for yourself or a friend, but then again, no one expects calls in the middle of the night about bail opportunities. Yet sometimes the last person you would expect to get arrested can wind up making that call over something like drunk driving Here are ways to deal with the bail application to help take the emotion out of an arrest. Also Read: Should You Say ‘No’ to a Breathalyzer Test in California? Bail Application Items: Full name Date and place of birth Social security number Email address Physical description Vehicle description Phone number Address and proof of residence Address and

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In California, What Is the Difference between Bail and Bond?

Difference between Bail and Bond

Based on the law that a person is presumed innocent of a crime until proven guilty, it follows that no individual should have to do jail time until getting convicted. There are cases when suspects are denied bail, especially if they have a criminal history. The following is information on the difference between bail and bond. When Someone Gets Arrested In most cases, people who are under arrest are allowed to be released if they “make bail” or “post a bond.” A judge decides if the defendant can be released through bail or bond. Usually it takes special circumstances involving public safety for the judge to deny a defendant

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10 Hidden Laws in CA that You Might Be Breaking Daily


It’s easy to break laws in California (or any other state) since there are far too many laws for any one person to study. Not all laws are well publicized in the media, especially the ones that seem trivial or could trigger public outcry. Here are ten of the most surprisingly hidden laws that are routinely broken in California. Using fake names that are not approved by a court is illegal, even if it’s on Facebook. Selling a cigarette to a person in public could be against state Penal Code section 308.3(a) 1 if it is not in a properly labeled sealed package. You do not have the right

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Guidelines to Send Money to Inmates in Orange County Jail

bail-bond-orange- county

If you ever get a call from a friend in jail, it’s possible to send them money. Let your friend know they should remain calm. Here are more details on how to help a friend deal with a bail bond company in Orange County. How to Send Funds to Inmates Inmates in Orange County can receive funds through EZ Card and Kiosk Company, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The Intake Release Center (IRC) provides kiosks in the lobby that accept cash, credit, or debit cards, but they do not accept personal checks, company checks, cashier’s checks, or traveler’s checks. While inmates are prohibited from possessing cash, you

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Process to Communicate with Inmates in Orange County Jail

Bail Bond

A late night call from a jail cell is the last thing anyone expects to wake them up in their sleep. While it may never happen to some people, it’s still best to be prepared in case such an unfortunate scenario should occur. Here are points to remember about communicating with jail inmates lodged in an Orange County jail. Discussing Bail Chances are, the reason the suspect chose to call you from jail – which is likely the only call allowed – is the suspect believes you can help post bail for him or her. Most bail bond companies will help at any time of the day. In order

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What Steps You Should Take If Your Teen Is Arrested

Steps tkaen while your Teen is Arrested

If your teen is arrested, it won’t remain a secret for long. You will be notified by the police and then will likely be on the phone to a bail bonds agent to bail him or her out. Here are steps to take once you learn your teen is arrested. Stay Calm It’s important for both you and your child to stay calm, since out of control emotions can make an arrest situation worse. The problem must be dealt with in a rational and professional manner. Chances are your child is uncomfortable or frightened by the idea of sharing a cell with other criminals, especially if it’s their first

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