10 Hidden Laws in CA that You Might Be Breaking Daily

It’s easy to break laws in California (or any other state) since there are far too many laws for any one person to study. Not all laws are well publicized in the media, especially the ones that seem trivial or could trigger public outcry. Here are ten of the most surprisingly hidden laws that are routinely broken in California.

  1. Using fake names that are not approved by a court is illegal, even if it’s on Facebook.
  2. fake-name-on-social-sites

  3. Selling a cigarette to a person in public could be against state Penal Code section 308.3(a) 1 if it is not in a properly labeled sealed package.
  4. cigarette -selling-law

  5. You do not have the right to encourage an individual to commit suicide.
  6. It’s possible to get arrested for getting in the way of an emergency, as per Penal Code section 402(a) 3. You may be charged with a misdemeanor if you disrupt emergency professionals from helping injured people.
  7. Telling others about a phone message is a privacy violation. You’re not allowed to repeat voice messages that you accidentally heard that were unintended for you.
  8. Giving a can of spray paint to a minor could lead to year in jail, a $5,000 fine and community service cleaning up public graffiti.
  9. Posting copyrighted property, such as a song or video, on the web without permission from the copyright owner may be construed as copyright infringement.
  10. copyright-law

  11. Using someone else’s Wi-Fi network without permission can be a violation of Penal Code Section 487, regarding wi-fi privacy.
  12. California pedestrians routinely get away with breaking the law about jaywalking. People are rarely arrested for it.
  13. Texting and any cell phone use while driving is now illegal in California even though many mobile internet users still prioritize it over driver safety. Drivers at least 18 years old are allowed to use hands-free electronic communication devices.

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