3 Easy Ways to Verify If You Have an Arrest Warrant

There are times when people have warrants for their arrest and they don’t even know it. While minor offenses usually do not result in an arrest, it’s possible that a warrant is issued for forgetting about an obligation such as appearing in court or paying a ticket.

If you have any doubt about your status involving a warrant, you should take care of it as soon as possible. Avoiding the problem will not make it go away and can even make the matter worse. Below are three ways to approach to issue to find out if there is a warrant for your arrest.

Run a search on your county’s website
Although not all county websites have a warrant search feature, it is a great place to start. Check the “legal” or “health and safety” section. If you still can’t find it, check your local country sheriff or city police department website. If you still can’t find it but want to keep searching online, try a paid service that taps into a broader database.

Check with the County Clerk or Courthouse
The County Clerk and the County Courthouse both keep records on its residents and may be able to help you. Keep in mind that either way if there’s a warrant for your arrest they may immediately notify the police to have you arrested.

Talk with a police officer
Checking with a police officer is one of the fastest ways to find out if you have an outstanding warrant, since he or she can check their database. Again, if you do have a warrant, it can lead to you getting arrested instantly. Paying fines to the Court can avoid an arrest.

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