4 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Bail Bonds, And Not Cash

You can count on the various benefits of getting a money bail but getting that is possible only when you have a very deep pocket. And if you are thinking about borrowing cash from your relatives, even then, it doesn’t absolve you from owing a debt. That’s why, we recommend people to get the bail bond instead of a money bail.

 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Bail Bonds, And Not Cash

Here are the advantages of bail bonds over cash:

  1. Absolves You from Paying Fines & Costs:

    Unlike in cash bails, surety bonds cannot be used to pay fines and costs. It means that the party you are borrowing money from (in this case the surety company) will never be upheld to pay for the defendant’s mischief. Oppositely, when you pay cash, the court can order to utilize it in paying the fines and taxes. In some instances, the fine amount can be higher than if a surety bond was used.

  2. Gives You Access to the Court-Appointed Lawyer

    Paying cash to the court increases the chance that the court will not appoint a public defender to handle your case. The court has to assume that you are unable to pay the amount before proving help.

  3. Saves You from the Chances of Forfeiture

    Even an inadvertent failure to appear before the court can be technically counted as a bail violation which is a trouble for you, because in that case, your bail amount will be forfeited. And the trouble will be double-fold if you have posted a money bail for your temporary release. Even appearing in the wrong department or coming late will bring the same wrath on you by the court. But that’s not the same with a bail bond.

  4. Helps You Keep Private Information Private

    Getting arrested is a very embarrassing situation, and this can even be damaging if your private information are leaked, which is the case with the cash bails. One of the best advantages of bail bonds is that your bail bondsman will hold all of the information they receive in strict confidence.

Finding the right help makes the process of getting a bail bond easier. Signature Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bonds agency in Orange County that offers 24 hours bail bond service.

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