5 Crimes That Can Actually Ruin Your Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to have fun with friends and family in a way you don’t really get to throughout much of the year. However, when the alcohol starts flowing, many people get into conflicts that could put a damper on the season, and even put you behind bars.Christmas Criminals

While a high holiday crime rate might not make sense to you, and you may not think you’ll be part of the statistics, there are some crimes you should watch out for. Avoid these six holiday crimes at all costs since they really could ruin your season and end up with you or a loved one behind bars.

  1. Shoplifting
    It makes sense that shoplifting is a top crime during the holiday season, but stealing to get gifts just isn’t worth it. It could land you in jail for a considerable amount of time, and there’s really no person that a thoughtful card and a hug wouldn’t please.shoplifting is a top crime during the holiday season

  2. Robbery
    Much like shoplifting, robbery is often associated with the need for cash and gifts during the holidays. It’s not worth it, and robbery can land you in jail much longer than stealing a watch from a store, especially if somebody gets hurt in the process.robbery can land you in jail

  3. Drunk Driving
    People tend to drink in celebration mode over the holidays, but jumping in the car after is no good. Either take a cab or make sure you’re under the limit when you get in your vehicle.Drunk Driving is very common in holidays

  4. Vehicle Theft
    Theft is all about money over the holidays, and stealing cars is a way to get lots of cash. The repercussions could put you in jail for years.stealing cars is a way to get lots of cash

  5. Assault
    Tempers flare around family and alcohol, and assaults are all too common. Even hitting a family member could cost you.assaults are all too common in holidays

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