5 Safety Tips to Maximize Fun on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the time to celebrate, have fun and enjoy time with your family and friends. You want to celebrate it in the best possible way to make it the most memorable night of the year. However, it’s important to be responsible and take precautions to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others around you since New Year’s Eve can be dangerous. Take special care to stay safe, so you can start off your New Year with a bang.

Here are some safety tips to minimize stress and maximize fun during the New Year season:

  1. Stay with Your Friends
    Stay with your friendsIf you are going to an event or party, make sure you go there with your friends or loved ones within a group as traveling with a group is safer. Be aware of what is happening around you. If you find anything suspicious, be extra alert and leave from there immediately.

  2. Eat Dinner Before Drinking
    Dinner before drinkingNew Year’s is the best time to enjoy a nice dinner with your family and friends. Make sure to eat a full meal before drinking since this will not only help absorb the alcohol but will also prevent you from snacking on appetizers at bar tables. Foods like cheese, nuts and meat that are rich in protein are great choices.

  3. Limit Your Drinks
    Limit your drinksAlcohol is something that you can’t always avoid at a New Year’s Eve party. Remember your limits and try to stick to them. Drink water or non-alcoholic drinks in between every alcoholic drink to prevent yourself from getting too drunk. Drink responsibly to enjoy your New Year’s Eve party to the fullest.

  4. Communicate Changes in Your Plans
    Communicate Changes to your friendsEven if you have made the best plans, something unexpected might happen during the night. Communicate any last minute changes in your plan to someone in your group. Keep a portable charger with you, so you can be reached on your phone. Don’t ignore your phone calls or messages on New Year’s Eve.

  5. Don’t Drink and Drive
    Be safe donot drink and driveIt is recommended not to get behind the wheel after drinking. If you are planning to drink, designate a sober driver or take a cab to reach home safely. Don’t let yourself be involved with any DUI incidents. Also beware of other drunk drivers to avoid any accidents on the road.

Follow these safety tips and start off your New Year with no regrets!

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