5 Simple and Effective Tips to Stay Safe This Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration and fun with your family and friends. However, the hectic and busy pace of the season can also be dangerous. With all the shopping normally done to prepare for festivities, you may be at a higher risk of having your personal information or valuable stolen. So you have to be extra careful to protect yourself during the holidays.

Here are some tips you should remember to stay safe this Christmas:

1. Keep an Eye on Your Deliveries

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If you are shopping online, make sure the items are delivered and received safely at your home. Don’t give permission to leave the items outside the home as it would be an easy invitation to thieves. Try and get them delivered to somewhere you know is safe.

2. Lock Everything Properly

be safe

Make sure all the doors and windows are locked properly before you go out shopping or visiting friends. An intruder will get into your house easily if anything is left unlocked.

3. Don’t Post Social Media Updates

Socail media

Don’t let everyone on social media know about your holiday plans. Don’t share when you are going out for the holidays. This would leave your empty home vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of your absence and possibly steal your belongings.

4. Beware in the Parking Lot

Be alert in parking Lot

When you are out for Christmas shopping, make sure you lock your car, park it in well-lit areas, and keep valuables out of sight. Thieves roam in parking lots and try to look for valuables they can steal from unlocked cars.

5. Keep the Light On


Leave the lights on. This will indicate someone is at home and will keep the intruders away. Use motion detector lights to deter thieves from trying to gain easy access to your property. Install Christmas lights or outdoor security lights to light up dark areas around your property.

Follow these tips to have a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday.

Merry Christmas!

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