5 Tips to Avoid Legal Issues This Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that many people look forward to for months before it happens. From the candy to the costumes and parties, there’s something for every kid and adult to look forward to. For adults though, Halloween can sometimes cause interesting legal difficulties if the party gets out of hand.

5 Tips to Avoid Legal Issues This Halloween

Use these five tips to make sure you avoid any legal issues that could impact you this Halloween season:

  1. Limit Alcohol
  2. Alcohol is a big part of Halloween for many people. Without having a drink or two, the spirit of the season just seems to be lost on some people. It’s when that drink becomes six that you’ve got a problem.

    When you’re hosting a party, consider limiting how much alcohol each guest will get. Instructing the bartender to cut people off after a certain number of drinks can help as well.

  3. Go Booze Free
  4. It may not feel quite the same, but a booze free party can still be fun. Consider implementing a no alcohol rule, or at least going BYOB, if you’re having a party this Halloween.

  5. Inspect Your Home
  6. Scary decorations are great for Halloween, but an actually scary home with loose floorboards and other hazards isn’t ideal. Inspect your home for safety issues and fix them before a party to avoid injuring your guests.

  7. Make Costumes Optional
  8. Something about costumes just seems to make people rowdy. It’s like they feel like they aren’t themselves at all and can do whatever they want.
    Make costumes optional and you might have a less crazy party.

  9. Go Out Instead
  10. One of the best ways to remove liability from your home is to leave it. You might love having parties, but going out makes you responsible for just your actions alone, not those of a whole group.

In case you get involved in any legal issues this Halloween or want help in getting you or your friends out of jail, contact us at (714) 240-2245.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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