7 High-Tech Innovations for the 21st Century Prison

Most of us don’t really think about prison too often. After all, they’re designed to keep criminals from harming hard-working people and to rehabilitate them so they can reenter society and be productive members of their chosen city.

However, prisons are a big part of the United States, and a great deal of technology is used there. In fact, some of the most interesting tech features out there are used in prisons on a daily basis, from minimum security facilities to maximum security penitentiaries.

  1. TASER X12 Less Lethal Shotgun
    Riots break out in prisons and guards need to protect themselves and often innocent inmates. The less lethal shotgun fires a Taser-like pulse that can debilitate an individual with much less risk of doing permanent damage.
  2. Biometrics
    Instead of an ID badge, guards can often check in and access places via fingerprint scan. It’s safer and more cost-effective in the long run.
  3. The Wolfhound
    A device embedded in walls, the Wolfhound sniffs out cell phone signals, helping reduce contraband phones in prisons.
  4. RFID
    RFID tracking also helps to keep cell phones quiet by detecting them early. It can also be used to track inmate activity and movement, keeping guards safer.
  5. Tele health
    Using the internet, nurses and staff doctors can communicate with experts about health problems individual may have when in prison. They can even set up conference-like meetings to allow an outside doctor to “see” inmates.
  6. WANDD
    WANDD is a tool that allows officers to see makeshift weapons under clothing and hidden on a person. It’s basically a scanning tool that works for sharps.
  7. Pharmajet
    Needles are dangerous in the wrong hands so Pharmajet invented a needle free injection tool. Inmates can get medicine without being in the same room as a sharp needle.

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