Arranged Duplicate Bail Bonds? Know What To Do Next

It’s bad enough if you or someone you care about got arrested in Orange County, but a bigger mess results when two different parties try to bail out the same person. This scenario might occur when the arrested person leaves a message with someone he or she cannot reach and then the word spreads in an uncoordinated fashion. This problem creates an awkward situation since bail can only be handled by one party.
Duplicate Bail in Orange County

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The jail only accepts the first bail bond paperwork it receives. Multiple bail bond postings are actually common, since many times several people within a family or circle of friends are notified and do what they can to try and contact a bondsman. What happens after the first bail bond is accepted is that subsequent bail agents are turned away and do not get to collect a fee.

Bail bond fees are not charged until a bond is posted. Any additional bail bond fees after the initial bond is posted must be refunded.

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When you sign a bail bond contract in California, you agree to pay the court the full bond amount and guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. Some bail bond agents may ask for collateral, while others waive this step. The agent will, however, collect basic information about the nature of the charges and the defendant to get the approval process in motion.

Once the bond is approved and posted, the defendant will be released from jail and assigned a court date. In the event bail is denied, the defendant must remain in custody until an arraignment. Certain individuals with a criminal history may have to remain in jail until the case is settled in court.

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