Bail Bond Agents: Role and Importance in Criminal Justice System

Bail bonds accord individuals accused of a crime temporary freedom pending their trial. This raises the issue of public safety if indeed these individuals are guilty. What if a person out on bail commits a crime again?

The bail industry always comes on top of other forms of release in terms of effectiveness. The big question is whether bail agents keep the community safe or put it at risk by securing the release of suspects. In a recent survey, The American Judges Association Conference found that many judges are confident releasing accused persons whose bail is secured by bail bond agents than those whose bail is offered by pre-trial releases agencies.

Many reality TV shows and Hollywood films have obscured the way the bail bond industry works. There is a huge misconception and negative image of the criminal justice system, most of which have been contributed by the media.Bail bond agents play an important role in the criminal justice system. The professionals take time to understand the risk associated with a bail bond and underwrite it correctly. Don’t misunderstand this with what the fugitive recovery professionals in reality TV shows portray. Fugitive recoveries only make the bail process effective.

Bail bond agents offer a financial security to ensure that defendants will appear in court for trial on the dates when their cases will be mentioned. The security can be a cash deposit or surety bail. The agents are very helpful in instances where someone is wrongfully arrested or made a wrong decision. If you are arrested for a crime, you can get out of jail on bail and continue with your work or responsibilities as you await the hearing of your case.

The bail bond industry also helps to reduce the costs associated with incarceration. This means that taxpayers’ money can better be utilized to house jail inmates.Bail bonds may seem like a necessary evil. However, what if a ruthless criminal is out on bail? This question makes most people think that bail bond agents should not be part of the criminal justice system.

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