Bail Bonds: History at a Glance

The bail bonds system was first developed in 13th century England. The practice of exchanging money or property for release from custody was started to generate a better balance among the rich and the poor when people were accused of committing a crime.

History of Bail Bonds

How the System Works
Bondsmen will provide the money for someone who is awaiting trial in exchange for a percentage of the bail amount. When the system was first developed people who had money and properties were lucky enough to be able to post bail themselves; however, poorer people had to remain in custody. Entrepreneurs realized that they would be able to take advantage of this issue by providing the money and taking a percentage.

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Bondsmen have been around in the United States ever since the country was founded; however, the laws surrounding the procedures have changed, such as setting different bail bond amounts according to the individual’s circumstances. Although some aspects of the business vary from state to state, the main principles remain the same.

The business itself provides a much needed service to people who are subject to criminal charges and unable to finance the entire bail amount.

Finding a Trustworthy Bondsmen
If you ever find yourself requiring a bondsman, it’s important that you use a service that has the necessary experience and licenses to conduct business. This could speed up the process and limit your risk of running into problems.

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