Be Safe: What to Do If You Are Arrested

Police officers are there to protect the general public. This includes making arrests when they detect suspicious activities. However, not all arrests amount to convictions.

If you are placed under arrest, keep a bad situation from getting worse by doing the following:

  • Stay Calm

    Getting the police riled up is the worst thing that you can do while being placed under arrest. You may not realize but getting your heart rate up while in handcuffs can create a panic attack for which no medicinal cure would be available. Focus on your breathing and try to strategize yourself.

  • Stay Peaceful

    Police officers are trained to deal with individuals who may have a much different take on being arrested than the officers had hoped. Ultimately, being combative does little more than aggravate the officer in charge and invites more charges to be incurred upon. This complicates things later. Don’t argue.

  • Appeal to Authority

    Officers of the law are authority figures. They need to carry that label in order to protect the public. When that authority is questioned, it puts lives in danger and the officers must do whatever it takes to reinforce that notion. Always address the arresting officer as he is, an ‘officer’, ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ as appropriate. Do everything you can to appeal to their authority instead of defying it.

  • Lawyer Up

    Many individuals underestimate the value of a defense attorney. Not only will a lawyer speak for you, he will also tell you what not to say in order to help you build a case for yourself. He will work with you to gather information for the officers and will reiterate to them about your desire to be fully cooperative. The more cooperative you are made to look, the more kindly the arresting officer will look upon you and the charges may be dropped.

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