Bonds: Their Myriad Types

There are several types of bail bonds in Orange County that can be used to bail someone out of jail. Posting bail acts as a guarantee to show that the defendant promises to appear at all of their scheduled court dates. If for some reason they do not appear in court, their bond will be forfeited and they will be forced to return to jail.

Orange County Bail Bonds

Cash Bail Bonds in Orange County
Cash bonds are paid in cash. The cash is held by the court until the defendant’s court case is completed. Once the defendant has appeared in court and fulfilled the requirements and obligations ordered by the judge, the money paid to the court will be released minus any fees and court costs.

Surety Bonds
A surety bond is different than a cash bond in that only 10 percent of the total bond must be paid to secure the defendant’s release. A bail bonds agent will write an agreement that states the co-signer will be responsible for the entire bail amount if the defendant does not appear in court. To secure the bail bond agreement, the co-signer then pays 10 percent of the total bond to the bail bonds agent, plus any administrative fees that are required. After the defendant fulfills their obligations to the court, the bail is exonerated and the money is returned to the bail bonds agent. Fees paid for surety bonds are non-refundable.

Property Bonds
Property bonds are secured with physical property such as homes, vehicles, boats, real estate, certificates of deposit, jewelry or anything else of major value. For a piece of property to be considered for collateral, it must be free of any loans or liens and be valued at over 150 percent of the total value of the requested bail bond.

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