Can You Co-sign a Bail Bond If You’re Not in the Same State?

Suppose you get a call from your sister who is attending college in California. You get the shocking news that she has been arrested and is now sitting somewhere in the jail. No wonder, she is frustrated and needs to get out of the jail as soon as possible. She is relying on your help since your parents have refused to help her. She wants you to co-sign the bail bond with her but you live in Chicago. Now the next big questions is – are you be able to co-sign the bail bond since you live in a different state? The answer is yes.

Bail Bonds

Situations like these can arise anytime anywhere. Co-signing a bail bond can be done over the phone but there are certain facts you must know before you co-sign a bail bond agreement. Many times you have to pledge your tangible property such as car, home or cash to ensure that the bail bondsman gets the money back if the defendant flees or violates any norms.

A co-signer must know these important points before co-signing a bail bond:

  • Co-signing the bail bond will set the accused free from jail.
  • Co-signers have to make sure that the accused shows up at all the hearings and meet all the requirements of the bond.
  • Co-signer can request the agreement details before co-signing the bail bond.
  • A co-signer can ask the bail bond company to cancel the bond if he/she is not comfortable with the actions of the accused.
  • To co-sign a bail bond, you must be a citizen of the U.S. and should have lived in the same area for a predetermined period. Apart from these, one should have a stable employment record and a good credit score.

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