Christmas Shopping: 10 Tips to Avoid Falling Prey to Criminals

To many, Christmas is the most joyous time of the year. But it’s also a period when crime tends to rise, so it pays to be alert. Here are some tips for protecting yourself against holiday season criminals.

  1. Leave a light on when your home is not occupied, since burglars tend to avoid homes with lights on.

  2. Do not allow valuable belongings, including tools and ladders, to be seen through a window. Check to see that all doors and windows are locked.

  3. Make sure your burglar alarm is activated while you are away. Consider using an app that monitors home activity while you’re shopping.

  4. Avoid posts on social media that pinpoint places you plan to visit. This information could get hacked online and be an invitation for criminals to invade your property while you are gone.

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  6. When you are walking through busy malls and shops, be aware of your surroundings at all times. It’s possible to get pickpocketed in a crowd.

  7. Keep valuable items out of view while you are shopping. Don’t let potential crooks see where you keep your smartphone.

  8. Instead of carrying several bags in both hands, plan on leaving one hand free and keeping bags to a minimum. Always keep all your belongings within your sight.

  9. Don’t let anyone see your pin number when paying with a card at the checkout line. Cover the screen with your hand.

  10. Never leave gifts in a car where people can see them, whether they are wrapped or in a bag or not. A better idea is to lock gifts in a trunk.

  11. Make sure that gifts are kept in a safe place at home. If you place gifts under a Christmas tree, make sure that they cannot be seen through a door or window.

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