Consequences of Failing a Drug Test when Out on a Bail: Stay Clean

Unfortunately, you have found yourself in a bit of trouble with the law and are out on bail pending your hearing. While out on bail, you are required to check in at certain times, maybe participate in some type of community service and, in most cases, be subjected to random drug testing. If you fail to follow all of the courts rules, you will find yourself back in front of a judge, and maybe even facing new charges. What can happen if it is a dirty drug test you are facing?

Drug test Failure

Some medications can cause a urine test to be positive for drugs. Your best bet in this case is to have a doctor provide the courts with this information before you find yourself in the middle of defending yourself. This way, they can make necessary arrangements for dealing with this medication.


Using Drugs
If your drug test comes back positive because you have used drugs, you will find yourself in even deeper trouble than you started out in. You could be facing:

  • Revoking of bail
  • Added charges
  • Immediate jail time
  • Fines

Whatever the result of your drug use, you will be making things much more difficult for yourself. The best thing to do is to avoid being anywhere near substances that can cause your urine test to be dirty. That way, you don’t have to worry when the probation officer randomly decides to drug test you. You can safely give it and know you may still be under court rule, but you have given them no reason to add charges or lock you up.


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