Consider Your Options When Charged With Drug Trafficking in California

Being charged with drug trafficking is a serious offense and convictions can lead to a number of consequences such as large fines, lengthy incarceration, the revoking of your driver’s license and many more. California also has a “three strikes” law, which means that if you are convicted of the same offense three times you can receive a life sentence in prison. This law applies even if your crimes were non-violent.

Despite California’s position as a “medical marijuana” state, individuals can still be arrested and convicted for the drug trafficking of marijuana and any other federally illegal substance.Because of the seriousness of your charges, it is important that you have an attorney represent you in every step of your case as it moves through the court system. Never attempt to navigate felony charges on your own.

If you are arrested for drug trafficking in California, there are things you should and shouldn’t do during the arrest, interrogation and other steps of the process:

1. Do not volunteer any information about yourself or your situation regardless of what law enforcement officials tell you they already know.

2. Ask for an attorney immediately. Theoretically, once you’ve requested an attorney, any questioning or interrogation is supposed to immediately cease until you are represented by a lawyer.

3. Be sure that your bail can be posted with funds that can be proven to come from sources other than through drug sales. Drug charges require this proof for bail funds in California.

4. Always conduct yourself in a respectful and polite way when dealing with agents of the law or court system even if you are refusing to answer questions.

5. Once you have secured the services of an attorney, make sure you ask questions so you can familiarize yourself with the law and all your available options.

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