Corporal Injury in California? Legal Defenses to Know

Corporal injury is a legal term that you’ll hear mentioned in the court system, however most people refer to it as domestic violence in which injury occurs to one person. In general, that person must be your spouse or partner for you to be charged with corporal injury.

While domestic violence is never a good situation, there are ways to defend yourself. Use these tips to get you through the court process.

Legal Defenses to Know

Mention Provocation
In some corporal injury cases, an individual may have a defense if they raised their hands to their partner because they were provoked. While words and heated conversations don’t count as provocation, however, physical attack in which you believe your life was threatened absolutely does.

After all, it shouldn’t be a crime to defend yourself from somebody who is actively trying to physically hurt you, especially if they have a weapon. If any injury occurs to the attacker it shouldn’t always be your fault.

Hire an Attorney
Being charged with corporal injury is serious, and it isn’t something you should try to take care of on your own unless you happen to be a lawyer. Most lawyers would still get an expert in the field of domestic violence!

Don’t assume that everything is going to go your way in court, even if you really didn’t do anything wrong. False accusations or a situation where your safety was threatened does not mean you’ll get off without a problem.

Hire an attorney who knows how to handle corporal injury cases and makes sure that you get the best representation you can.

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