Guidelines to Send Money to Inmates in Orange County Jail

If you ever get a call from a friend or loved one in jail asking for money, you may be wondering how to send them the money. It’s not that difficult to send them money. You just have to keep some important things in mind while sending money to them.

Send Money to Inmates in Orange County JailHere are more details on how to send money to inmates in Orange County jail:

Ways of Sending Funds to Inmates
Inmates in Orange County can receive funds through EZ Card and Kiosk Company, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The Intake Release Center (IRC) provides kiosks in the lobby that accept:

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Debit cards

but they do not accept:

  • Personal checks
  • Company checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Traveler’s checks

While inmates are prohibited from possessing cash, you can open an inmate account for them. You can deposit funds that do not exceed $500 in the inmate account. Money can only be transferred among inmate accounts with the Watch Commander’s permission. Options for delivering the money are either the IRC or the Theo Lacy Branch Jail, which also has a lobby kiosk.

Reasons for Sending Money to Inmates
Inmates may need money for essentials including:

  • Phone and computer use
  • Medical supplies
  • Restitution or jail fees
  • Books/magazines
  • Writing supplies-paper and writing utensils

Inmate Assess to Money
Inmates may have access to the funds as soon as half an hour after the transaction. Here are the types of funds that can be deposited to an inmate account:

  • Money Orders
  • City, County or State checks
  • Federal Government checks

You must make a money order payable to the “Orange County Sheriff’s Department” and include inmate information on the check. Write the inmate’s name and booking number on the reference line. Then deposit the check at the Cashier’s office or send it directly to the inmate through the mail.

A bail bond company in Orange County will work with you at the Theo Lacy Facility to discuss posting a bond for your friend. Bonds are also accepted at the IRC. Keep in mind the Sheriff’s Department does not recommend specific bail bond agents. It’s important to contact and check the guidelines of the relevant institutions to make sure you are adhering to them.

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