How Bail Bonds Can Help in a Case of Innocent Imprisonment

Innocent imprisonment is bound to happen sometimes. In fact, most people who are in an American jail at any given time have not been convicted of a crime. The reason they are in jail is because they cannot afford bail. Many times the cases are not serious crimes and are low-stakes bonds set between $50 and $1000, which are unaffordable for people who don’t have jobs. Here are details on how bail bonds can help people who are charged for crimes they did not commit.

Innocent Imprisonment and Bail Bonds

The Possibility of Jail
You can be stuck in jail for up to four months if you are not able to pay bail, even if you are innocent. It’s up to a judge to decide if you are eligible for bail, based on your history. If you do not have a criminal record and are not a threat to the community, the judge will set a bail amount that can be paid by a bail bonds company, who charges a non-refundable fee.

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A bail bonds agent will work with family members to help a defendant out of jail while awaiting a court appearance. There’s no reason to spend time in jail if you know that you are innocent, so it’s best to hire a bail bonds company that works directly with the court.

How Bail Bonds Help
Bail is returned to the defendant at the end of a trial regardless of the outcome, but the bondsman keeps its fee, which can be up to ten percent of the bail amount. The bail bond serves as insurance to the court that the defendant will resolve the case in court. Bail allows a defendant to meet with a lawyer to prepare for the case and develop relationships. While on bail, a defendant can also demonstrate good behavior.

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