How Long Does a Defendant Stay in Jail If We Don’t Post Bail Bonds?

Legal matters are quite complex and one needs to understand that even a small mistake can be disastrous. All the legal formalities should be performed with sincere consideration and you should pay attention to the given time limit or any particular instruction and mandate.

Bail bonds

If someone gets arrested, it’s very important to post the bail bond on time otherwise, he/she will have to spend their time in jail till their case gets over. The next question that pops-up is very obvious – “How long will the defendant remain in jail”. Well, it totally depends on the complexities and severity of the accusation. Some cases are resolved in the very first court appearance but some goes on for months and at times, even years.

If the bail bond is posted on time, the defendant will be out of jail while the case is still going on. Not only that, the defendant can perform all important work as well. But still, the defendant is supposed to attend all the mandatory appearances at the court.

It will be sensible to consult an experienced bail bondsman in this regard. They are the
best persons who can guide you through the bail process and offer the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind – A bail bondsman is the right person who can be trusted with all the legal intricacies as they are adept at dealing with these issues. An experienced and skilled bail bondsman will make the most complex process a smooth one.
  • Saves Money – A bail bondsman will help you cover most of the cost upfront. You are required to pay only 10 percent of the entire amount initially. When the defendant appears at the court date, the bail amount is returned to the bail bonds company. You do not have to worry about arranging the entire bail amount.
  • Quick and Efficient – Most of the bail bondsmen have formed a company and provide their fast and efficient service with the help of their highly motivated and customer-centric staff who are also well aware of all the legal aspects. They work 24/7 and can help you as soon as possible.

Legal formalities are important and should not be overlooked. You should seek help from an experienced and trusted bail bondsman.

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