How the Prison Cellphone Ban Can Affect You

In the California prisons, cellphones are not allowed. The ban was enacted in 2011 when 11,000 illicit cellphones were confiscated from jails across California. Jail inmates were using their cellphones to devise ways to commit crimes. The issue wasn’t only the case of criminal activities inside the prison, but also the spreading of illegal businesses outside the jail compound into society.

Prison Cellphone Ban Can Affect You

Effect of the Ban
The ban helped reduce criminal activities to a certain level. However, the ban negatively affected prisoners who were using cellphones for good reasons, like keeping in touch with their family and friends and arranging for things that could take care of their loved ones in tough situations.

The ban made the newly arrested inmates unhappy as they are now unable to contact their loved ones to discuss any requirements and inform about any updates. Believe it or not, their problems are bigger than updating their status on social media and chatting up with pals.

Bail bondsmen in Orange County are inundated with calls from people in jail saying that they can’t raise money for bail as they don’t remember the important phone numbers. It is a delicate situation that can cause people to panic.

How Bail Bondsman Can Help
Bail bondsmen are the best people to contact in case you or your loved ones are arrested. They are adept at handling such issues due to the large volumes of cases they handle and their profound knowledge of legal intricacies. They will help you or your loved ones get out of jail easily and offer flexible payment plans to pay for bail bond premium.

In case if you or your loved ones are arrested, and the cell phone has been confiscated, contact bail bondsmen so that they can get you or your loved ones out of this tough situation.

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