How to Find the Best Bail Bonds Company in Orange County

Getting bail is the easiest way to get out of jail when you are on trial. Because you don’t know how long the trial will run, it’s always best to contact a local bail bondsman who can get you out of the jail temporarily until the court passes out a verdict in your case. However, you should also choose the right and the cheapest bail bond service so that you don’t have to end up losing a big amount of money in premium when your trial is over.

Bail BondsIt’s not only about the cost but also the timeliness and speed of service that matters when it’s about getting your loved one out of jail. By knowing how actually you can find the best bail bond nearby in Orange County, you can easily avoid both the unnecessary expense and the mental torture.

How Fast They Can Do It?
This is the first thing you would want to know when your beloved one waits for you to get him/her out of the jail. A competent local bail bondsman is one who will be able to work with the courts and jails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s necessary because they will have to work with judges and jail authorities to arrange for the bail hearing to get the bail posted as soon as possible. If they can work 7 days a week and during any hour of the day, they are more likely to arrange for one in the shortest time possible.

What Is Their Record?
Mere guarantee of 24 hours service can’t be the only factor. You should also check out your local bail bondsman’s record in dealing with different types of cases. If your loved one is arrested and charged for minor crimes such as driving under alcohol influence, then it shouldn’t be a big deal. However, a charge of more heinous crimes like a murder or rape requires a sound knowledge of the working domain for the bail bondsman. You can find about their record the following ways:

  • Ask your bail bondsman to show their current bail license and inquire if their license has ever been suspended or revoked. A trustworthy bail bondsman will never hesitate to show you their license.

  • Generally, the longer the bail bondsman or agency has been in the business, the better their track record of satisfied clients and successful bail postings.

  • You can also ask the defendant’s lawyer for referring one. They know your defendant’s case in detail and they also have a long experience interacting with the bail bondsmen on a daily basis.

  • If your bail bondsman has a sound local knowledge and a good history of arranging bails for even the most difficult cases, it’s more likely that they’ll fetch you the best deal in the shortest possible time.

What and How Will They Charge?
Make sure the charges on the bail contract include the upfront premium for the bail bond. The charges include 8-10% of the total bail amount as set by the court, with additional fees. The best bail bondsman can also offer no collateral but that will depend on the charges and the bail amount. Some also offers 0 to 4% down bail bonds.

Also, look for a flexible payment plans and methods to fit your budget. Most of them should accept cash, money orders, personal checks, and most major debit and credit cards.

Getting your loved one out of jail is your first priority, however you should never get swayed and go for the deceitful bail bond agencies who have their own priority of making great business out of your necessity.

Always select the right and the cheapest bail bondsman who isn’t only affordable but also fastest in getting their job done.

Signature Bail Bonds is a 24 hour bail bonds agency in Santa Ana area, who offer its clients personal, confidential and reliable bail bonds services with sincerity and integrity. We treat every client with reverence and address each case with the utmost persistence and urgency. Our company’s mission is to ensure that you or your loved one is never in need of bail with no one to turn to.

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