How to Find the Best Bail Bonds Company in Orange County

When your loved one is arrested in Orange County and arraigned in court, he or she can be released on bail awaiting the passing of a sentence. This can happen if the prosecution requests the judge for more time to build the case against the defendant.
Bail BondsIf the defendant cannot raise the bail bond, he or she will have to stay in jail until the next hearing of the case. Sometimes, trials can go on for weeks or months. Staying in jail can break a defendant emotionally and also affect his or her social life. However, by paying for Santa Ana bail bonds, the defendant can secure temporary freedom and continue with their normal life pending the outcome of the case.

If your loved one is arrested and you cannot raise the required bond, you can contact a bail bondsman in Orange County. The bondsman, through their agency will get your loved one released quickly by guaranteeing the court that the defendant will not skip future court hearings. If the defendant flees prosecution when released on bail, the bond agency will have to pay the court the total bail amount set for the release.

When you want to hire a Santa Ana bail bonds agency, you should consider how fast the agency can get your loved one released. Professional agencies will start working to get the defendant released immediately after you contact them and have agreed to their terms. Santa Ana bail bonds agencies charge 10% of the total bail required by the defendant as their fees.

The best bail bond company will also help you understand the bail process. The company will assign you a bail bond agent who will guide you through the bail release procedure in Santa Ana.

Luis Mier is the Owner of Signature Bail Bonds, a bail bonds agency based in Orange County, California. As a bail bondsman, Luis understands the urgency of having to get someone out of jail and does whatever it takes to ensure that the process of getting a bond is as quick and stress-free as possible. Whether looking for bail bonds in Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange or Santa Ana, Luis and his team make sure that their clients are covered, 24/7. Google +

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