How to Get Bail For Tax Evasion

April 15th is Tax Day.
Arrest for tax evasion in California is one serious problem. If you, a friend or a family member gets booked and jailed for tax evasion, you need a fast and informed response.

Tax Evasion:
Tax evasion is the act of avoiding paying taxes or making limited payments through illegal methods. It can cover filing a false tax return or documents, failing to pay taxes or a tax return or failing to collect employment or sales taxes. In California, that means violation of California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 19705(a) and Section 19706.

A misdemeanor charge can land you a year in prison but a felony can cost you three years in prison for each violation. Bail, if permitted, will free the arrestee while trial is pursued. The amount of bail for an arrestee is determined by each county’s Bail Schedule but the judge can refuse to grant bail or set a bail higher than the county’s schedule.

Two kinds of worry:

  • In a civil case, the government claims that you made a mistake or were negligent in filing taxes. There may be no fine or prison term but there may be a 5% penalty to pay on overdue taxes.
  • In a criminal case, the government says that you deliberately falsified information or took actions to avoid paying taxes. The charges may include arrest and jailing prior to arraignment and trial.

Obviously, arrest indicates that the government has investigated your tax history and obligations. Arrest is a sure sign they think they can make a case against you.

Get serious advice:
In any tax evasion arrest, good advice is necessary and invaluable. Only a qualified experienced bondsman, like Signature Bail Bonds can expedite the paperwork, facilitate the process and bring assurance to you and your family.

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