Immigration Bail Bonds: Purpose and Procedure

The legal system in America can be tough and scary for a citizen of this country. So, imagine how intimidated an immigrant would be while navigating their way through this process. What would they have to do if they got arrested and need to make bail? If an immigrant is arrested, in order to be released, he or she will have to post an immigration bail bond.

An immigration bail bond is a federal bond that allows an immigrant to bond out of jail. State bonds are not applicable in these instances. These special bonds are used when an immigrant has been arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

If it is deemed okay, by ICE, for the prisoner to be back on the street, then that individual will be offered a bond. The purpose of the immigration bail bond is to act as form of insurance; ensuring that the immigrant will attend the required court proceedings and follow through with the process.

Once the bond has been set, the immigrant must pay the bail amount to ICE instead of the local authorities. Immigration bonds come with certain conditions but if they are met, the money will be refunded.

If the immigrant cannot afford to pay the bond, the services of a licensed bail bondsman that has experiences in these types of cases should be employed. The bail bondsman will loan the money needed to get the he or she out of jail. Once out of jail, he or she must pay back the bondsmen or face being arrested once again and not being eligible for an immigration bond.

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