In California, What Is the Difference between Bail and Bond?

Based on the law that a person is presumed innocent of a crime until proven guilty, it follows that no individual should have to do jail time until getting convicted. There are cases when suspects are denied bail, especially if they have a criminal history. The following is information on the difference between bail and bond.

Difference between Bail and Bond

When Someone Gets Arrested
In most cases, people who are under arrest are allowed to be released if they “make bail” or “post a bond.” A judge decides if the defendant can be released through bail or bond. Usually it takes special circumstances involving public safety for the judge to deny a defendant bail or bond.

Bail vs Bond
Even though the media often uses terms bail and bond interchangeably, there are specific meanings for each. They may both have a similar end result, which is release from custody, but they are not exactly the same. Source of money is the defining key that separated a bail out from a bond out.

Posting bail typically means that, as a suspect, you agreed to pay cash or were willing to put up collateral such as your house, in exchange for your freedom. Posting a bond, however, means someone else is putting up the money to ensure your freedom until a trial, as long as you comply with making court appearances.

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How Amounts are Determined
Different crimes are associated with different bail amounts, with the most severe crimes having no amounts since bail will be denied by the judge. By paying the jailhouse bail schedule, a suspect can be released quickly from jail. Bail must not be excessive, according to the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Posting a surety or signature bond involves a third party becoming responsible for the debt owed by the defendant.

There are too many questions that come to your mind when bail bonds come into the picture. These FAQs will help you understand the process better.

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