Jail Booking Process: How it Works

Jail booking is a frightening situation for anyone who faces an arrest. The booking process can make the person feel disturbed and broken. A booking process involves various steps such as your finger prints and mug shots being taken and a complicated full-body search.

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Booking Process

It is a process of verifying one’s identity, inputting the nature of the crime and sending the accused to the jail system. It involves a number of steps which includes simple ones to complicated ones. The police follow the following process when they book you:

  • Take down your name and the nature of the crime you are accused of committing on a computer blotter.
  • Posturing you for a mug shot, which will be matched with your booking record.
  • Noticing confirmation of physical fights with the police.
  • Removing your apparel and your belongings and supplanting your garments with prison suitable ones.
  • Running a computer or ink-based fingerprint system through a crime database.
  • Examining the entire body as a part of the process.
  • Checking records of pending warrants against you on a state and national level.
  • Examining your health to make sure you don’t have any serious health issue through x-rays and blood specimen tests.
  • Inquiring about any gang affiliations or outside connections that may influence your time in prison.
  • Collection of your DNA sample.

How Can Someone Get Out of Prison

The person does not have to sit in prison till the trial begins. There are several ways through which a person can leave prison such as paying bail or getting released on your own recognizance.

Getting released on a bail is often seen but the latter is rare. Being released on your own recognizance (O.R) is very much desired because the person does not have to pay any amount. You have to provide the court a hand written promise that you will appear in the court at the given date. The judge will probably put certain conditions on O.R., which might include checking with a probation officer on a daily basis. This is regularly likely if your charged wrongdoing was not major, on the off chance that you’ve lived in the group quite a while, or on the off chance that you are upheld by relatives or your place of business. It is nice to be out on O.R but getting out on bail increases your chances of getting out of jail.

Judges set bail using an algorithm which takes your age, criminal history and criticality of the alleged crime into consideration. It’s basically a deposit which ensures that you won’t miss your trial. It will be paid back to whoever paid it in the event that you do appear to your trial. Different conditions are mostly set on your own bail, for example, remaining around the local area and not doing drugs.

The facts as mentioned above will give you a clear picture of the functioning of a jail booking process.

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