How to Keep Your Home Crime-Free This Christmas

Christmas is the season of goodwill to everyone. However, unless you intend to extent that festive generosity to your local criminal fraternity, it’s also the time of year when you should be extra-vigilant with your home security.

Consider these tips this holiday season to keep your property and gifts safe:Stay Safe This Christmas

  • Home Security Equipment. You should review your home security requirements on a regular basis anyway, but it’s wise to make a note on your wall calendar for the beginning of November to check that window and door locks fit properly, and that burglar alarms and entry phone systems are serviced. Make sure your home and insurance are also up to date, and that any new and expensive purchases you’ve made during the year are covered within it.

  • Turn off location tracker on social media. Although some retailers will give you incentives to check in when you shop with them, sometimes, it’s just not worth the discount if thieves have hacked the store’s social media accounts.Be Safe on Christmas

  • No need to publicize. Still on the subject of social media, don’t Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram pictures of your gifts, and take particular care not to mention how much you might have spent. If you tag a store, or a brand, you’re running the risk of people other than your friends list seeing what you’ve purchased, and it’s not hard to find out where you live if you check in when you get home. Also, if you are going out of town this holiday season, do not make updates on social media about your absence. There’s a good possibility that someone on your friend’s list knows where you live and break into your home while you are away.

  • Finally, observe good sense. Close the curtains, and don’t put beautifully-wrapped presents around the tree until early Christmas morning when the household is starting to get up. If you think extra eggnog means you’ll forget, put post-it around the house to remind you to lock windows and doors at night.

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