Legal Aspects That Help in Bail Reduction

When a citizen is detained by law enforcement officials, there will be a court date he will have to attend to formally hear the complaint of the criminal charges in his case. He will be expected to plea “guilty,” “not guilty,” or no contest if it is available. At this time, the judge will set a bail amount if the suspect does not appear to be a danger to society or a flight risk. Since the individual is accused of a crime, he or she must be detained.

Bail grants the individual release until the court renders judgment. If the individual cannot pay the entire bail amount, he or she can request services from a bail bondsman. He pays the bondsman a percentage of the bail to grant release until he appears in court again.Legal Aspects That Help in Bail Reduction

If the client feels that his bail is too high and would like a reduction, he must go through a bail reduction hearing. His attorney has to get the case in front of the judge and it could be beneficial:

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  • The bail bondsman would provide testimony in favor of the individual.

  • Once the bail reduction consideration hearing has been set, the bondsman must approve your lowered amount for bond.

  • To be prepared for the hearing, you must have the following documents: pay stubs, mortgages, and deeds. The court, as well as the bondsman, will need to see all income and expenses.

  • The individual should provide all of the information to the bondsman and lawyer beforehand.

Choosing a good bondsman is vital

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  • The judge favors an experienced bondman’s opinion

  • He also needs to feel that the bondsman can find you if you flee

  • The bondsman should provide a check in schedule for the individual to follow, so that the judge would be comfortable in reducing bail.

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