The Nitty Gritties of a Bail Hearing Process

Once someone you know is arrested and taken into custody, are you aware of what will happen in the bail hearing? If the person is not released, they will be taken to court where a judge must decide if they will be released or not.

Bail approval is dependent on several different things, such as the actual crime, the criminal history of the dependent and whether they are a flight risk, among other things. A bail hearing is set on a predetermined schedule. There is not a preference on how someone gets a hearing. This depends primarily on the date that the defendant was arrested. During the first appearance in front of the judge, the prosecutor and the defense attorney will make statements on why the defendant should or should not receive bail.

In some states, bail bond amounts are somewhat preset by having a minimum and maximum amount determined based on how serious the crime is as well as class. The specific bail amount is at the discretion of the judge.

The judge will then listen to the arguments and determine if the defendant is a threat to the community and if they will make scheduled court appearances. If there is strong evidence against the defendant, the judge will more than likely refuse bail.

Once a bail amount has been set, someone can pay for the accused’s bond. The accused also has the option of turning to a bail bonds agent who will then leverage the money in exchange for collateral and a percentage to be paid up front. The defendant will then be allowed to leave jail. However, if the defendant does not do their part of the agreement, then the collateral will be seized.

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