Can You Co-sign a Bail Bond If You’re Not in the Same State?

Bail Bonds

Suppose you get a call from your sister who is attending college in California. You get the shocking news that she has been arrested and is now sitting somewhere in the jail. No wonder, she is frustrated and needs to get out of the jail as soon as possible. She is relying on your help since your parents have refused to help her. She wants you to co-sign the bail bond with her but you live in Chicago. Now the next big questions is – are you be able to co-sign the bail bond since you live in a different state? The answer is yes. Continue readings

How to Obtain Bail for Driving with a Suspended License

An individual might face a revocation or suspension of driving license if he/she commits certain offenses. A revocation or the suspension means that the person’s right to drive a vehicle is terminated for some time. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the court can suspend an individual’s driving license in California. Continue readings

Bail Bonds and Misdemeanors: Know the Process

Misdemeanors- Know the Process

Every state puts crime into different categories- felony, misdemeanor and infraction. While the laws vary for each category by state, misdemeanors generally include petty theft, traffic violations, DUI, simple assault or harassment. In most states, they carry up to a year in jail or payment of a fine.

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Juvenile vs Adult Criminal Proceedings: The Differences

Criminal Proceeding

Juveniles prone to committing crimes have a complicated status within the ambit of the legal system. Being children who lack a clear understanding of the laws, they need special protections. At the same time, they don’t have the same constitutional rights as adults within the purview of law. Therefore, the juvenile courts’ procedures are geared towards balancing these two concerns and rehabilitating juveniles who turn delinquent.

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5 Safety Tips to Maximize Fun on New Year’s Eve

Stay with your Friends

New Year’s Eve is the time to celebrate, have fun and enjoy time with your family and friends. You want to celebrate it in the best possible way to make it the most memorable night of the year. However, it’s important to be responsible and take precautions to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others around you since New Year’s Eve can be dangerous. Take special care to stay safe, so you can start off your New Year with a bang. Continue readings

5 Simple and Effective Tips to Stay Safe This Christmas

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Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration and fun with your family and friends. However, the hectic and busy pace of the season can also be dangerous. With all the shopping normally done to prepare for festivities, you may be at a higher risk of having your personal information or valuable stolen. So you have to be extra careful to protect yourself during the holidays. Continue readings

What Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

It’s a matter of serious concern if someone whom you bailed out skips the court date. It is very likely that a new warrant will be issued for his arrest and there will be slim chances for him getting a bail again. Apart from this, the person who paid for the bond will have to pay the entire amount as penalty. Continue readings