Juvenile vs Adult Criminal Proceedings: The Differences

Criminal Proceeding

Juveniles prone to committing crimes have a complicated status within the ambit of the legal system. Being children who lack a clear understanding of the laws, they need special protections. At the same time, they don’t have the same constitutional rights as adults within the purview of law. Therefore, the juvenile courts’ procedures are geared towards balancing these two concerns and rehabilitating juveniles who turn delinquent.

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5 Simple and Effective Tips to Stay Safe This Christmas

Socail media

Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration and fun with your family and friends. However, the hectic and busy pace of the season can also be dangerous. With all the shopping normally done to prepare for festivities, you may be at a higher risk of having your personal information or valuable stolen. So you have to be extra careful to protect yourself during the holidays. Continue readings

What Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

Steps to Take If the Person You Bailed Out Skips Bail

It’s a matter of serious concern if someone whom you bailed out skips the court date. It is very likely that a new warrant will be issued for his arrest and there will be slim chances for him getting a bail again. Apart from this, the person who paid for the bond will have to pay the entire amount as penalty. Continue readings

Must Know Facts About Immigration Bond

Immigration bond is generally used to get your friends, relatives or family bailed out from the custody of U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement until their court appearance. This may play a vital role in one’s case. It’s important to understand the laws and process involved in immigration bonds. Let’s take a look at some facts to get an overview of the essential elements of the immigration bond. Continue readings

Information You Need to Provide for Your Bail Application

Bail Application

You may never think about applying for bail for yourself or a friend, but then again, no one expects calls in the middle of the night about bail opportunities. Yet sometimes the last person you would expect to get arrested can wind up making that call over something like drunk driving Here are ways to deal with the bail application to help take the emotion out of an arrest. Continue readings

In California, What Is the Difference between Bail and Bond?

Difference between Bail and Bond

Based on the law that a person is presumed innocent of a crime until proven guilty, it follows that no individual should have to do jail time until getting convicted. There are cases when suspects are denied bail, especially if they have a criminal history. The following is information on the difference between bail and bond. Continue readings

10 Hidden Laws in CA that You Might Be Breaking Daily


It’s easy to break laws in California (or any other state) since there are far too many laws for any one person to study. Not all laws are well publicized in the media, especially the ones that seem trivial or could trigger public outcry. Here are ten of the most surprisingly hidden laws that are routinely broken in California. Continue readings

Process to Communicate with Inmates in Orange County Jail

Communicate with Inmate

A late night call from a jail cell is the last thing anyone expects to wake them up in their sleep. While it may never happen to some people, it’s still best to be prepared in case such an unfortunate scenario should occur. Here are points to remember about communicating with jail inmates lodged in an Orange County jail. Continue readings

What Steps You Should Take If Your Teen Is Arrested

Steps tkaen while your Teen is Arrested

If your teen is arrested, it won’t remain a secret for long. You will be notified by the police and then will likely be on the phone to a bail bonds agent to bail him or her out. Here are steps to take once you learn your teen is arrested. Stay Calm It’s important for both you and your child to stay calm, since out of control emotions can make an arrest situation worse. The problem must be dealt with in a rational and professional manner. Chances are your child is uncomfortable or frightened by the idea of sharing a cell with other criminals, especially if it’s their first

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