Process to Communicate with Inmates in Orange County Jail

A late night call from a jail cell is the last thing anyone expects to wake them up in their sleep. While it may never happen to some people, it’s still best to be prepared in case such an unfortunate scenario should occur. Here are points to remember about communicating with jail inmates lodged in an Orange County jail.
Bail Bond
Discussing Bail
Chances are, the reason the suspect chose to call you from jail – which is likely the only call allowed – is the suspect believes you can help post bail for him or her. Most bail bond companies will help at any time of the day. In order to set the suspect free, a judge will first have to approve bail and set a bail amount. This approval is common as long as the suspect does not have a criminal history or the crime is not serious.

Send Money
You can even send money to an inmate through an inmate account. Although the inmate will be unable to possess cash, the account can still be used to purchase a bond with a bail bond company. Money orders can be paid in person at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Mail Correspondence
You will be able to mail letters to the inmate if you include the inmate’s name and booking number on the envelope, which cannot display art work or unnecessary markings. You may not send certain items such as nude photographs or images depicting gangs. Items larger than 9″ by 12″ will not be delivered to the defendant.

Food cannot be sent to inmates, nor can any type of clothing. For the most part, you cannot mail items that may compromise the security of the facility.

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