Public Intoxication: 6 Ideas to Avoid Arrest

In California, you can be charged for a misdemeanor offense if you are found guilty of being drunk in public. This offense is usually referred to as public intoxication and covers a number of disorderly conducts. If you drink, here are 6 ideas that will help you avoid arrest for public intoxication:

  1. Drink at home or private propertyAvoid access drinking Alcohol in Public
    If you drink at home or private property, you cannot get arrested for public intoxication. If you want to drink more than usual, you will be safer enjoying your drinks at home or at a friend’s place.

  2. Have a designated driver
    Driving when drunk can make you obstruct other road users due to impaired judgment, which can lead you to be charged for an offense. Always have a designated driver on standby to take you home after drinking.

  3. Avoid walking home when drunk
    If you are drunk, take a cab home rather than walking alone. You can put yourself and others in danger as you stagger along the road or streets. When you’ve had too much to drink, have a friend drop you home.

  4. Stick to the state alcohol limit
    Check your state’s alcohol limit and stick to it. Buy a personal alcohol breathalyzer to test your blood alcohol level when you are out drinking. You can be charged for an offense if your blood alcohol level is determined to be above the recommended limit.

  5. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
    Taking too much alcohol can make you wild, causing mayhem on the streets and other public areas. Know how much alcohol you can take before it impairs your judgment.

  6. Avoid drinking
    Ultimately, taking alcohol can lead to various health problems. Try to quit drinking to lead a healthier life. For example, you can drink water periodically as you drink to reduce your alcohol consumption.

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