Responsibilities of an Indemnitor While Signing a Bail Bond

An indemnitor is someone who bails an inmate out of jail by purchasing a bail bond, also known as a “surety bond,” and assumes the responsibility of the defendant appearing in court. The indemnitor is often a friend or family member of the defendant. Here are points to remember about dealing with bail bonds in Orange County.

Signing  Bail Bond

The Bail Process
The bail bond company helps the paying party save money by only charging them 10 percent of the total bail amount set by the court, which depends on factors such as crime severity and criminal history. So if bail is $12,000, the indemnitor pays $1,200 for the individual to be released. This non-refundable amount is collected by the bail bond company as payment for the service of releasing the defendant, regardless of whether or not the case is eventually dismissed.

The indemintor must usually also put up collateral, which might be a pink slip, house, jewelry, or an item that holds a certain monetary value.

Indemnitor Responsibilities

  • you must make sure the defendant shows up for all court proceedings
  • you must pay additional fees if the defendant fails to show up for any court appearances
  • you must pay the entire bail set by the court if the defendant cannot be located

Additional fees may include the cost of the bail bond company hiring a fugitive recovery agent to track down the defendant. You will have to forfeit whatever collateral you put up in your contract if the defendant comes up missing and the judge issues a bench warrant.

In Orange County, if a defendant misses a court date due to an inconvenience such as car trouble, the indemnitor or defendant needs to notify the bail bond service and request a continuance with the court.

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