Stalking As a Crime: The Consequent Legal Penalties

Ever made a new acquaintance that starts to intrude into your life with unsolicited phone calls? Or one shows up at your work place or social gatherings as a coincidence? It may seem unnerving at first. But the friendly phone calls or the coincidental meetings aren’t breaking the law.

In fact, law imposes any penalty when the over-attentive behavior becomes unsettling or threatening.

Law takes stalking as a serious offense. And it has designed the incremental penalties to protect the object of the stalker’s advances:

• Warnings and/or restraining orders
The first step is to give the stalker a verbal or written warning. And if their actions don’t stop then involve the law and get a restraining order through a court. Sometimes if the stalker is not aware of the outcome of their actions, this can be enough.

• Fines
If anyone ignores court order to stay away from the victim, law would impose fines running into many thousands of dollars may. The law will not only impose a fine for continuing to harass, but also for breaking a court order.

• Custodial terms
Repeated breaches will bring about a custodial sentence. It will also bring for threats or actual attempts at physical violence upon their victim. Sentences vary from case to case but are appropriate to the level of intimidation.

Stalking is one crime that won’t fade from a criminal record and even false accusations have a tendency to stick. Good legal advice for all parties concerned is essential.

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