What to Do If Your Family Member is Arrested on Thanksgiving

Family Member is Arrested on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time that most people look forward to spending with their families, friends and loved ones. When things go wrong, however, some people may end up getting arrested during this otherwise peaceful holiday.

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How Bail Bonds Agents Battle Better with Document Management

To do his or her job effectively, a bail bonds agent must be able to keep accurate and highly detailed records. Inaccurate records can lead to excessive financial losses.

Maintaining an accurate database of all files — that includes defendant’s names, addresses, personal contact information and prior charges, — not only helps keep a bail bonds agent up to speed on his cases but also allows him the privilege of knowing whether or not a potential client may be a flight risk.

How Document Management Helps Bail Bonds Agent Battle Better:

Digital Software Saves Space
Storing documents on digital software saves space and allows information to be transferred quickly and efficiently from the office to agents who are already in the field.

  • Enter All You Need Electronically. Software that has been designed exclusively for bail bonds agents allows for all of the information to be entered onto the computer.

    Save Paper. An electronic signature can be added and the necessary number of paper copies can be printed out. This saves paper and eliminates the need to continually purchase extra office supplies.

  • Secure Data With Safe Backup. Investing in digital software allows the bail bonds agent the benefit of convenience. Information that is stored digitally on software programs is safely backed up and stored so that it cannot be accidentally erased or moved without the knowledge of the person entering the information.

Cloud Storage Makes Information Accessible
Cloud storage frees up space on the agency’s hard drive. By storing documents in the cloud, a bail bonds agent is protected from accidents such as fire, tornado or water damage that can ruin computer hard drives or destroy paper copies.

  • Keep All Documents Password Protected. Documents stored in the cloud can be accessed by electronic devices at any location outside of the office as long as the proper password or means of authentication has been used.

  • Send Documents Anywhere in the World. Not only does cloud storage protect an agency’s files, it also allows files to be sent from one location to another, even if they are hundreds of miles apart.

  • Simple Categorization. One of the biggest benefits of cloud storage is that all files can be categorized as the agency chooses; making it easy to locate and send the right information each time it is needed.

  • Secure Documents of All Sizes. Most companies offer several different sizes of cloud storage for the yearly subscription price. This guarantees the bail bonds agent that their records will be protected from both human error as well as natural disasters.

Document Management Saves Time
When a bail bonds agent stores documents electronically, it eliminates the need to search through dozens of paper files.

  • No Need to Spend Time on Locating Files. Time is of the essence, especially if a defendant has failed to appear in court. The time it takes to locate a file can mean the difference in whether or not the defendant is detained. Storing documents in this manner also saves times when it comes to filing paperwork with the courts.

  • Speed up Processing Time. An electronic file can be sent and processed in a matter of minutes, compared to a paper file that must be filled out, copied and then taken to the jail or the court and manually processed.

Ensures Compliance with State Laws
When bail bonds software is used to store documentation, it is easy to ensure that the agency has complied with all of the state’s laws concerning the receipt and processing of the defendant’s information.

  • All Documents Meet Legal Requirements. A software program for the bail bonds agency is written so that the document is universal and meets the requirements of the state in which it is used. When a bail bonds agent uses such a program, it must be filled out accurately for the agent to be able to save it.

  • Rules Differ from State to State. While the majority of states are similar in their requirements and the laws that govern bail bonds and bail bonds agents, there can be subtle differences. Bail bonds software programs are written for each state so that the level of compliance is consistently met.

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