Bail Bonds Terms You Need to Know

Whether it is you or a friend/family member, sometimes trouble can come your way. In some cases, that trouble is a jail cell. You don’t want to sit in a cell waiting for your court date, and there is a process where you can be released: bail.This may be your first time in this type of predicament and there are some terms you need to know and understand before going through the bail process and getting bail bonds to help get you to the outside world (AKA freedom).

Arrest: This is an act of police or law enforcement to take a person into custody.

Bail: Some form of pledge to the court made in the way of property or money to gain the release of an individual. Usually this will be released back to the person as long as the defendant shows up to all court hearings.

Bail Bondsman: This is a person or persons that will pledge surety for the defendant and will pledge the money. Basically they’re the people who help post bail bonds to get you out of jail.

Bounty Hunter: When a defendant “skips” bail, this is the person who will track them down for an immediate arrest.

Cash Bond: This is when the court sets bail to a cash only standard.

Collateral: This is property such as cars, homes, etc. that the defendant would sign over as surety against the bond debt.

Fugitive: This is a person who is fleeing custody.

Indemnitor: The person responsible for initiating the bond request and who signs the contract gaining release for their loved one.

Sentence: This is the punishment handed down by the court if a defendant is found guilty.

All of these terms are used in the bail bonds process. Be sure you know what these terms mean in case trouble ever comes knocking at your door.


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