Why Bail Bondsman Is Crucial to Criminal Justice System

If you have ever had dealings with a bail bondsman, you’re probably grateful for the opportunity they provide to get a loved one out of jail at a fraction – usually 10% – of the full bail cost. In fact, so useful is the service they provide to the alleged felon, that it’s not unusual for the accused to make the call themselves, and ask for bail to be posted. That 10% due to the bondsman means even high bail charges aren’t out of reach of friends, family, or even alleged felon themselves.

California Legal Justice System

The nature of the work does mean that the bail bondsman doesn’t always deal with the easiest or most honest of people, however, so their worth is just as crucial to the criminal justice system as it might be to you. Here are a few of the important ways in which they are a vital link in the prosecution chain:

  • The bail bondsman is financially responsible for the alleged felon – since the bondsman has paid 100% of the requirement to the court, that’s a substantial financial outlay, and they will work hard to make sure that you keep your end of the bargain.

  • They are often dealing with offenders who might otherwise flee – the bondsman doesn’t also have a reputation as something of a bounty hunter without good reason. Frequently, reasons for non-appearance are as simple as absentmindedness, or even fear of the court, so a bondsman will do all they can to sort out misunderstandings without rearresting someone.

  • Although their 10% is non-returnable, the bondsman provides a valuable service – if bail is large, say $10,000 or even more, posting that amount is beyond the reach of many people that have been arrested or their families. Although they might be able to borrow the full amount from elsewhere in some circumstances, the likelihood is that they wouldn’t be able to afford repayments, and this smaller sum is generally within their means, especially if there is more than one family member or friend willing to help out and co-sign the agreement.

  • A bail bondsman can refuse to bail an arrestee out of jail – the perception of the bondsman chasing the money and posting money for criminals who their own families might even want to keep inside for the safety of all concerned is not correct. They have the right to refuse if the arrestee might cause a public or personal danger, or if the family disagrees with release on bail.

  • Judges are often more confident to bail an alleged felon if a bondsman is behind the bail payment than not – although the general public may have a certain level of apprehension about potential criminals being released back into the community pending trial, the relationship both arrestee and their family build with the bail agent tends to make the likelihood of them absconding or reoffending unlikely.

  • Alleged felons out on bail are usually petty criminals – there’s little chance of someone with a petty drink or drugs arrest record committing a major crime. This keeps the jail system free to house those who have potentially committed much more serious crimes.

  • Bail bondsmen are instrumental in keeping families together – quite often, if a breadwinner or key family member is arrested, it can cause not only extreme distress to the rest of your family, but considerable financial hardship as well. A bail bondsman has a vital role in keeping your family together, especially if the strain of absence might cause family or relationship breakdown, and lead in the long run to repeat offenses. The bondsman, in the long run, is saving both the taxpayer and the courts a lot of money, not to mention saving families from heartache.

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