Bail Bondsmen: How They Work Behind the Scenes

Bailbonds Functioning Behind Scenes

A lot of people hear about bail regularly, as it is often mentioned every time someone is arrested. Some people do not truly understand everything that bail entails. Here is a look at what bail is, how Orange County Bail Bonds work, and what bail bondsmen do.

How Bail Bondsmen Work in the Background?
When a person is arrested on suspicion of a crime, the person will be taken to jail and booked. They will have a mug shot taken, fingerprinted, and a statement will be asked for. While the person is awaiting their court date, they could be bailed out of jail.

Bailbonds Functioning Behind Scenes

Bail is an agreement that an agency such as Orange County Bail Bonds will make on the behalf of the accused. The agency will help get the accused released from jail while they await their court date. The exchange is based off collateral, which is normally money. The agency must make sure that the accused is in court on their scheduled court date. If the accused does not appear for their date, the agency will have a bounty hunter find the person.

How Does Bail Bond Work?
When the bail bondsman puts up the initial fee for the release of the accused, it is not refundable, even if the case eventually gets thrown out. The bail bondsman will take out a security against the accused’s assets to help cover the loan. If the accused doesn’t have enough assets, the bondsmen may elect to take out securities against the accused friends and family. In most cases, a bondsman will require a cash payment along with a mortgage to cover the bond money.

The bondsman has the right to sue the accused for the amount of the bail bond as well as claim assets owned by the accused if something goes wrong.

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