Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Fired Up This Black Friday

Black Friday is full of unbelievable deals and excitement regarding the start of the holiday shopping season. Great deals, however, bring out people, lots of people. People vying for limited numbers of deals, especially after waiting in long lines for hours, can fire up tempers and create havoc. Here are some ways to insure your Black Friday shopping trip end with you falling into your own bed at night and not a jail cot.

  1. Fist fighting is inappropriate-People may take your parking space, grab items from your hand or push into line ahead of you. Take a deep breath and let it go.

  2. Leave your gun at home-You may feel like shooting someone who cuts you off when you finally found a parking space, but threatening to shoot them or actually doing so will end you in jail. This is common sense, but leave your weapons at home.

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  4. Pepper spray also stays home-Pepper spray may get you to the head of the line quicker, but it will also get you handcuffed when you arrive. Leave it at home.

  5. Don’t run anyone over-Road rage, or rather parking lot rage, may show up over parking spaces. Avoid ramming into cars and people who get in your way.

  6. Keep track of your kids-In your haste to grab a great deal, you may let go of your child’s hand or forget where you left your cart with them sitting in it. Keep track of your kids. Even their loudest screams may not be heard above the crowd.

  7. Don’t steal-This is the quickest way to get locked up. Security will be increased and over-worked security will be less likely to overlook such things.

  8. Wait until Cyber Monday to shop – Avoid people altogether and shop online on Cyber Monday!

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