Everything You Should Know About Positive Drug Test While on Bail

Drug Test

If you are charged for a crime, you should understand it is paramount to abstain from drug and alcohol use while on a bail bond in Orange County. While most drugs are illegal and you should refrain from use, consuming alcohol is not illegal, and asking people to avoid consumption seems silly. But there are additional reasons that solidify the importance of staying drug and alcohol free while out on bail.

 Drug Test

Consequences of Positive Drug Test While on Bail

While waiting for the final court hearing, consuming alcohol or any form of drug can land you in trouble, even when your case doesn’t involve alcohol/drugs related crimes. While being out on a bail bond, you have to go through random drug testing. And if found positive, it will show that you have failed to follow the rules and regulations of the court. As a result, you will have to face the judge once more.

Being tested positive for drug/alcohol use can result in the following serious consequences, and ultimately be detrimental for your trial:

  • Revoked Bail
  • Unfortunately, the judge could revoke your bail which means the bail money will be kept by the authorities and will not be returned. This would affect your loved ones who put up the bail money for your release.

  • Extra Charges or Fines
  • You might have to face additional charges if you fail a drug test. You might even have to pay a hefty fine which will be hard for you and your loved ones as you have already faced forfeiture of the bail money.

  • Jail Time
  • You may be sent back to the jail with a new charge. There have been several of these cases, in which judges have canceled bail bonds in Orange County and the person facing trial has been ordered back to jail.

You didn’t use drugs, but still failed the drug test?
There have been cases when a person failing to pass the drug hasn’t actually consumed any type of drug or alcohol. This could be because of some medications or dietary supplements which alter a urine test to be positive for drugs.

If you are taking any prescribed medicine or a dietary supplement, it is always wise to inform the court in the middle of the trial or before giving your sample. However, do remember that your doctor must provide the courts with relevant information. This way, you can save yourself from serious consequences.

How to Avoid Failing the Drug Test
The best thing you can do to avoid failing the drug test is stay away from such substances that can cause your drug test to be positive. This will help you come out of the drug test safely and there will be no additional charges or fines against you.

You can contact an experienced and trusted bail bond agency to learn more about the consequences of a failed drug test and how to avoid it.

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Consequences of Failing a Drug Test when Out on a Bail: Stay Clean

Unfortunately, you have found yourself in a bit of trouble with the law and are out on bail pending your hearing. While out on bail, you are required to check in at certain times, maybe participate in some type of community service and, in most cases, be subjected to random drug testing. If you fail to follow all of the courts rules, you will find yourself back in front of a judge, and maybe even facing new charges. What can happen if it is a dirty drug test you are facing?

Drug test Failure

Some medications can cause a urine test to be positive for drugs. Your best bet in this case is to have a doctor provide the courts with this information before you find yourself in the middle of defending yourself. This way, they can make necessary arrangements for dealing with this medication.


Using Drugs
If your drug test comes back positive because you have used drugs, you will find yourself in even deeper trouble than you started out in. You could be facing:

  • Revoking of bail
  • Added charges
  • Immediate jail time
  • Fines

Whatever the result of your drug use, you will be making things much more difficult for yourself. The best thing to do is to avoid being anywhere near substances that can cause your urine test to be dirty. That way, you don’t have to worry when the probation officer randomly decides to drug test you. You can safely give it and know you may still be under court rule, but you have given them no reason to add charges or lock you up.


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