Jail Lifestyles: The Contrast Between Celebrities and the Average Citizen

There’s nobody in the world that wants to go to jail. Whether you’re in for a day or in for a year or more, the prospect of going to jail can be quite terrifying. In fact, even people who have been in before hate the concept.

However, celebrities that end up in jail don’t always receive the same shabby treatment. Some celebrities even get to retain their celebrity status and above average lifestyle when they’re locked up behind bars.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between the average jail bird and the people you recognize from the movies, music and sports. You might be shocked at how differently these individuals are treated.

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Lifestyle In Jail For Celebrities

The Pay-to-Stay System
In locales where there are tons of celebrities like Southern California, many jails have a system that allows people to pay for better treatment. From access to flat screen TVs to cell phones and even private food, celebrities with money can practically stay in a suite when they’re locked up.

Ranging from about $40 to close to $200 per day, this system was designed to help the jails support themselves. Instead, they’re just promoting inequality when it comes to criminal justice in the United States.

What’s Fair About That?
If you’re like most people you’re probably outraged by the fact that celebrities who commit real crimes can skirt the system. From better medical care to hotel-like amenities, it just doesn’t seem fair.

Right now, that’s the way the two-track criminal justice system works. That’s why it’s so important to get a bail bond and avoid the jail experience. After all, you’re not going to like jail unless you have the cash to make it feel more like the Hyatt.

Get a bail bond that keeps you free and in your home.

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