An Overview of Domestic Violence Laws and Bail Bonds in CA

One of the most understated crimes in our society is domestic violence, which affects about 25 percent of American families. Some states such as California issue prison or jail sentences to those who infringe the domestic violence laws. Many times cops respond to complaints of disturbing the public that lead to arrests under the “domestic disturbance” charges.

Domestic Violence  and Bail Bonds

If you find yourself or a friend in a scenario that involves a domestic disturbance charge, the first place to turn for help are companies that provide bail bonds in Orange County.

Domestic Violence Defined
The California State Penal Code PC 273.5 (a) defines willful inflictions on relatives that result in a traumatic condition to be a felony that can be punished with imprisonment up to four years and up to a $6,000 fine. This battery charge can occur when pain is inflicted upon a current or former spouse or cohabitant, a parent or child. Even a couple that has been dating for a year can find themselves subjected to this charge and penalties.

Bail Amount
Bail amounts in Orange County are set by a Superior Court of California judge, who will consider the defendant’s past history and the severity of the charge. Domestic violence bail amounts vary, as suspects with violent criminal records may not have the opportunity at bail, whereas it will likely be offered to individuals with no prior history of domestic violence. If you seek bail bonds in Orange County for yourself or a loved one, be sure to choose an agent that offers a free consultation.

In some cases, bail amounts are refundable such as when the case is dismissed, but the amount you pay to a bail bond agent is non-refundable and helps keep the expense low. Putting the event behind you as soon as possible should be a priority.

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