Your Tax Return Can Bring Your Loved One Out of Jail

The experience of paying a bail bond can be emotional and financially devastating for some people. Nobody likes to tap into their hard-earned savings to pay for someone else’s problem. A tax refund, however, can help reduce the pain of making a bail payment. Here are reasons to consider your tax refund in the event you must pay for a loved one’s bail.

Use of Tax Returns in Bail Bond

Time Constraints
Many people spend their tax refunds quickly, often on disposable items such as food or travel. It’s the type of money that comes and goes without having much to show for it. If you use your tax refund money to keep a loved one out of jail, it would show how much you care. Even if your tax refund does not pay the entire bail amount, it will still help protect your savings account.

Showing Support
Getting arrested is something that can happen to anyone, whether the arrest is a mistake or is the result of a mistake. An incarcerated person may only have so many family members or friends to turn to for support. Showing your concern by paying for bail helps reduce the alienation and emotional pain someone feels while awaiting trial.

You can strengthen a bond (no pun intended) with a loved one by paying for their bail. It helps them move to the next step in the court process, which itself can inspire an individual to take more responsibility in their life. A bail bond requires suspects to make all court appearances.

By offering your tax return money to pay for bail, whether the amount is big or small, you are helping keep someone get their life back in order. That’s got to count for something.

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