Understanding the Differences Between Jail and Prison

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There’s a big difference between jail and prison, as jail is usually more temporary incarceration while prison involves longer terms. Jails are usually regulated at the county or local level. Many prisons are operated at the state or federal level. Here are other differences between jails and prisons from the perspective of a bail bondsman.
County Jails
Most county jails are managed by county sheriffs, although some local jails are run by a local government that uses its own officers. The jails are usually much smaller than prisons, where convicted individuals serve the terms. Large counties sometimes have more than one jail for suspects taken into custody.

Jail is the first place a defendant is taken after an arrest. When people end up in jail, there’s no distinction among types of crime, as it’s possible for a suspect of petty crime to share the same cell with a violent criminal.

Defendants Awaiting Trial
If a defendant is unable to post bail, he or she may have to stay in jail until the trial. A large number of people in jail fit this category, in which defendants must wait for a court decision to get out of jail.

Many individuals in jail are there for just misdemeanor crimes and do not have the financial means for the bail. Jails, in general are not meant to provide long-term housing for suspects or criminals.

Prisons For Convicts
While jail is home to defendants from after getting arrested through a trial, prison becomes the home of an individual convicted of a crime. Sometimes convicts may stay a few weeks in a jail awaiting transfer to a state facility. Most state prison inmates serve sentences of several years. The Federal Bureau of Prisons and state governments run the prison systems, which are often located in remote areas.

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