6 Little Known Steps in the Jail Booking Process

If your loved one happens to get arrested it may be a stressful and difficult time, especially if it seems he or she may not be available for immediate release. In this case, you may need knowledge about the booking process. Here are a few little known steps in the jail booking process you should know.

The arrestee will be handcuffed, read Miranda Rights, and taken to local law enforcement agency for processing and booking. The booking process involves paperwork recording the alleged crime. Your “mugshot” will be taken, fingerprints, background and warrants checked. After the booking process you may then make a phone call.

handcuffed arrestee

  • A full body search is often part of the booking process to prevent weapons and drugs from entering the facility. A full body search is legal even for relatively minor offenses like traffic violations.

  • Information of the detainee will be entered into a nationwide database maintained and accessible to FBI, local, state and federal police agencies. Background and warrants will be checked cross states.

  • Detainees with pending warrants are usually not released on bond. It takes up to 6 hours for the process of the warrant check. Detainees will not be released until records for background and warrants are clean.

  • Some booking officers allow suspects to keep small personal items.

  • The detainee will not have access to cell phones, money, or credit card.

  • Health Screening is given to all detainees during the booking process. These screenings are used to help protect the inmates and jailers from tuberculosis, STD’s and AIDS. Suspects may also have to give DNA samples.

  • Having one phone call in jail is a myth that’s been around forever. The detainee will be able to make outbound unlimited phone calls for a certain amount of time. This also changes after time to collect calls.

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