Bail Jumping and Its Consequences

Bail jumping is a criminal offence in which a defendant intentionally doesn’t appear at their appointed court date.

Bail  Jumping Consequences
The Consequences of Bail Jumping
There are certain events that will occur after bail jumping. For example:

  • The money that was posted for bail will be fore-fitted.
  • Additional charges will be filed, which could lead to a longer jail sentence or higher fine.
  • An arrest warrant will be issued.

The indemnitor is the individual who signs the bail bond. When this happens they will take on the responsibility of the arrestee. This means that it’s up to them to ensure that they show up to a court date. If the defendant misses their scheduled court date then the indemnitor will held responsible and will lose their money. In most cases the indemnitor is a family member or friend.

How to get Help
If you suspect that someone you know is going to skip bail then you should place all of your efforts into trying to contact the individual so you’ll be able to convince them to show up for the court proceeding. If you can’t get hold of them, then try to contact other family members and friends to make them aware of the situation. They will then be able to inform the defendant if they come into contact with him/her to let them know that you’ll be held accountable for their actions.

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