Bail Bonds Industry: Unveiling The Truth

The bail bond industry exists to help people in legal trouble, yet it is portrayed negatively by the media. Recently the San Francisco Weekly, for example, described pretrial detention as ruining people’s lives because individuals who cannot afford a bondsman are forced to stay in jail until their court date. By contrast, here are details on how bail bonds in Orange County work.

Bail Bond Industry Facts

Defendants and Bail Bonds
In the United States a person is innocent until proven guilty, so it follows that when someone is arrested on suspicion of breaking the law that they are treated fairly. As long as the accused does not have a criminal record and does not seem to pose a threat to society, most of the time he or she will be eligible for bail through a bail bonds agent.

Usually, a family member or friend will sign a bail contract with a bondsman to have the suspect released from jail with the understanding that the defendant must appear in court. The failure to appear rate is pretty low for people released on bond than through other methods.

Bail Bonds and the Law
Bail bond agents work closely with District Attorneys as well as judges, who have the final say as to whether or not bail will be accepted by the court. A bondsman is not in a position to question a judge’s decision and acts accordingly with the defendant’s family. Since the release is determined by a judge, it is not fair that the media blames the bail bond industry when a judge denies bail.

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